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Human Eye Balls Features

  • 1,000’s of “Today Fresh” Human Eyeball Inventory Available…
  • 100% Top 5 English Speaking Country Traffic…
  • ZERO Bot Guarantee…
  • We Host and Create Your Squeeze Page FOR You…($97 value + Only Way We Guarantee 40% Optin Rate)
  • We Have The Highest Repeat Traffic Customer Buyers In The Industry…

Feel The Human Difference™

Wall-E Destroyer

250 Click


100% Top 5 English
Speaking Countries
Zero Bot Guarantee

R2D2 Smasher

500 Click


100% Top 5 English
Speaking Countries
Zero Bot Guarantee

Optimus Prime Dismantler

1000 Click


100% Top 5 English
Speaking Countries
Zero Bot Guarantee

Terminator Crusher

2000 Click


100% Top 5 English
Speaking Countries
Zero Bot Guarantee

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Here Are Some Of Our Latest Human Eyeball Traffic Testimonials…

74%+ Optin Rate – “Hands Down, the best traffic I ever bought!”


65%+ Optin Rate and 4+ Sales!


75%+ Optin Rate + Huge Email Engagement!


59%+ Optin Rate and $177.50 in CPA Sales!


You Have Questions… We Have Answers!

How Fast Do You Deliver The Humans to My Site?!

It all depends on the queue.  We can deliver 10,000’s per week no problem.  But of course, due to the amount of humans buying and REBUYING over and over again, you are placed in line.  Sometimes it takes as little as 24 hours.  Other times it can take up to a few days due to demand.  We are working on increasing capacity based on demand.  Don’t worry though, it’s worth the wait!

How Do You Know I'll Like Your Traffic?

Well if you like the freshest (today), most responsive online traffic there is on the planet… then you will like our traffic.  In fact, we have one of the highest repeat customer retention rate in the industry.  We honestly don’t know anyone higher.  So if you buy, we can almost guarantee you’re going to buy again.  The real question is, are you going to keep buying fake 70% top tier bot traffic and expect a different result!?

If I Get Bad Results, Can I Get a Refund?

Absolutely Not!  Here’s why.  We are not a gamble.  We run 1,000’s and 1,000’s of clicks per week for some of the top people in the industry.  We are already proven in this industry for many many years now to provide the best traffic on planet earth.  The only complaint, if ever that we get, is from people that have their page setup wrong.  The most common are people who used an API and weren’t approved for single optin.  People that believe it or not, didn’t even have their auto-responder code in place.  People that don’t have good enough hosting or are using a third party company as their squeeze page.  <– Bad Idea

How Can You Guarantee 100% That Only Humans Will See My Page?!

First, we have a really big powerful laser that quite honestly can take out the whole planet if we aren’t careful.  But in all transparency, due to being able to get 100,000’s of visitors to our site(s) weekly, we are able to put every single visitor through tests, that to this day, only humans can beat.

40% Opt-in Rate Guarantee Disclaimer:

All opt-in rate guarantees will go off of and be verified by the Click Magick account owned by . Our guarantee is this: 40% of the people that visit the capture/squeeze page we make for you will opt-in to your form and get redirected to your offer. There are occasional instances (most of the time less than 1% of the time) where autoresponder companies will not allow an email address into your autoresponder for whatever reason OR they may even turn your leads into confirmation pending. This is why we must go off of our tracking for the guarantee. Thank you!

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